Trying To Change !

The sand, the cold breeze, and my car, traveling through the desert, nothing on our minds except whether we will be able to survive this adventure.

It is true what they say about being away from the city away from all the lies that overlap with your soul, I have been hearing them all the time until I also was caught up in my own lies. Surrounded by them my whole life, they meant to be there for me through happiness and sadness; however, it was all part of the lie that I believed that they all are like me, pure-hearted creatures.

Skipping through the sand leaving behind the trail of lies that I am willing to leave behind and move on. No matter what I do I seem to return back to where it all has begun, and so to counter the mistakes that I have taken with my soul, am going to be free; not letting anything happen to my true believe nor am I going to let anyone disturb my peace of mind.

Don’t disrespect anybody, don’t let your happiness and self-satisfaction include harassing others whether it is with the bullet like words, or simply by fighting. Using cruelty, in any case, shows how ignorant you are.

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