Start Working Now !

The past the present, and the future, could be a drag, trying to pave your path towards your goals but instead you look back at the unfixable past and blame yourself for the things that lead you to your present where you are feeling guilty, sad and depressed, and sometimes its even worse: you feel like you are dead from the inside, soulless creature breathing and living holding the shattered pieces of your dreams and crushed heart of yours. Blinded as to what needs to be done which is working hard to become a better person, and setting your priorities straight to complement your goal. In this article of a real experiment that I have conducted, you will have the ability to relieve yourself from the guilt and pain of the time you have wasted on things that are not doing to you any good.

First of all, do not care about what others think about you, for you are doing what you are doing for yourself, so need not to be worried about them, if you actions have not done any harm to them. Listen to their criticism carefully, for some of their criticism which could be of a great use to yourself, to grow. Set rules to follow, which will take you closer to achieve your goals, have a daily schedule of tasks that you love to do, and task that you not necessarily like, but have to in order to get closer to your dream. Make your goals as clear and as detailed as possible, for only then will you be able to know the tasks that you and challenges that you must take for the goal that awaits you must be achieved with hard work. The other thing becomes your own driver, do not depend on the external factors too much for they have a time limit and remember that nothing worth having comes easy, a quote that I admire for it reminds me of why I am working hard, and what I am working hard for. The final tip is the hurdles that come with your path, which tries to shake you off your path and question your capabilities and seduce you to give up on your goals. Remember that anything could be achieved, but only if you believe in yourself, so tackle the obstacles and find a way to break through or simply find a way to pass it, for there is more than one way that shall take you to your own goal.

In conclusion, have the right attitude, for it is what differentiates between the achiever and the lost people who are only wishing and simply waiting for the day to come. As always work hard, be kind, and challenge yourself to grow.

“There Is Still Hope”

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