The Meaning Of Life

Those nights that pass by, that awakes your soul from its slumber, the nights where everything suddenly becomes clear; a great chapter shall unfold in your life. Unable to sleep with all of the series of events and thoughts and research that you have accumulated over the years that is going on and on in your head, only when you have thought that these events are neither similar to each other nor can they be of meaning; the pieces, like a puzzle all the pieces, have been connected, now it’s up to me to make the changes.

Sitting alone in the dark, away from the fellow humans. Thinking about your action, what am I going to do, what is the answer to such a thing? Confused, on how you are going to react, whether you are going to ignore it and play along like always, or going to tackle it. It is a matter that cannot be postponed, for it is the key to your life; therefore, you must beware of all the consequences that with your choice of action. Then, after a long sleepless day, you lay everything in front of you, trying to come up with the perfect action to tackle it. As if preparing for war, the first plan concludes on being selfish and doing what is best for me. While the other plan consolidates on achieving more good than evil.

Now it is the time, for your answer is the key to the rest of your life, and how you are going to be in the future. You need not be scared of your choice, choose what you really believe in for only then you shall discover about what lays ahead of you, and whether it is going to be painful or peaceful. Do not worry, there is always another chance to make up for mistakes.

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