Struggling To Survive

Don’t take anything in your life for granted, be thankful and always try to help those in need. Here is a story of young teen’s path, who chose to live life to the fullest, happy and always helping others, but when he realized that around the world some people are dying from hunger and war.

The young teen chose to experience hunger whenever he hears something bad has happened anywhere around the world. He tries to experience the pain of those whom we have forgotten about, those whom we chose to ignore and make up excuses so that we feel satisfied and neglecting the fact that we are in fact monsters for letting something like this to occur without looking for solutions to end it.

Upon this path, the boy suffered the pain of all those whom we wronged, and so he felt and experienced what they have experienced exactly, well to an extent. In his third year of the same path, his health has critically dropped and became unable to continue his path. He experienced their pain for 2 years and 14 weeks and he became so ill that he has to be taken care off by nurses and his loved ones. Give back to the world, there are people around us who are struggling to survive, help draw a smile on their faces.

“There Is Always Hope”

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