Another year shall pass, the life spoke to the guy “What have you achieved?”, replied the guy “hope”, elaborating more “ Great lessons that I have gained great experience from, and mistakes that I am never going to repeat ever in my life, and so I am moving on”. Smiled the life and said you shall experience in the future great loss and misery, how are you possibly going to survive, chuckled the guy and said “ I know, but what you have not learned about me is that I will always find a way, no matter what situations you put me in I am going to rise and accomplish my dreams.


2018, is the year where I  shall thrive, a year where I must not give up, a year of hard work and motivation. It is my year and I am going to achieve my goals one after the other. Do not let others decide what you can and cannot accomplish. Live by this motto if you would like to thrive “I am the one in control, this is my life and I am going to achieve all my dreams”. A simple four-digit number that can either make you feel guilty and miserable for not trying or make you feel satisfied with what you have achieved and it motivates you even further to work even harder to achieve new goals.


Stay motivated and focus on what really matters to you, work hard, have fun, and above all believe in yourself.

Until Next Time…



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