My Enemy !

When everything seems to be perfectly in place, the life once again proves you wrong, by an earthquake, elaborating how easily it can crush us. I do not know whether I must cry and give up or should I pick up the shattered pieces of my hard work and continue my journey on this earth. Giving in seems to be out of the question, been called stupid for the limits that they have set me with; however, they have never realized that I have long surpassed their limits. So now my mind is trying to trick me into thinking that I have limits and tries to hold me from achieving certain goals.

It is disappointing to know that you’ve become your own enemy. Pinpointing the exact location of the problem, the mind. It has been trying to shift my focus from what really matters to the margins of life where I rarely stay, and sadly it has succeeded. Distractions around me noise that I cannot possibly live with nor can I ignore. Creatures trying to ruin my peace of mind, trying to stay relevant in my world, but what they have forgotten is that I need not got the time to waste on them. A moment of shock, becoming aware as to what I have become, I reckon I must take out the journal for repentance and to take away the cruelty from within my soul.

Sometimes, just sometimes, life can be with you, on your side; trying to help you be a better person and to make you grow. All in all, it is a wonderful life, knowing that there is always room for improvements and trying your hardest to achieve your dreams and goals.

“There Is Always Hope”

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