Addressing The Problem


Chapter 100 – Repentance 

Tiredness and emptiness, am I missing something? Have I lost in this game of life, or am I just down the wrong path? Wondering as to where I shall end up, overthinking the circumstances, trying grasp every possible outcome; however neither of what I grasp occur, except for a few minor situations that I was able to dodge, but the rest hit me so hard that it turned my life upside down, spinning in this cycle of life what have I become what am I possibly going to achieve from such a cruel world. The problem remains in my head.

A mindset that I have to alter, and practices that I must change in order to be what I have always wanted to be. Condemned by the negativity, thinking about the others whilst forgetting about myself, my soul. Shattered into tiny pieces, and then a cry of help from beneath my heart, shivering as the voices started to be clearer and closer. Voices that I have ignored and by so, I no longer know who I am.

In sadness, the world cried for the soul that never thrived, in tears of great remorse for the dreams that have been slipped away by the cruel creatures who took it upon themselves to destroy others. Monsters that slipped away from their apocalyptic reality and into our world they’ve entered, giving their sins another chance to ruin yet another earth.

“There Is Still Hope”

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