Stuck In The Past

Sometimes the past can be so cruel that it never leaves you in peace. Trying to move on with your life, but every time you try to get past the emotions and feelings, and move on, life reminds you of what has happened, or rather yourself reminds your pathetic soul that you are not good enough to move on.

In loops of sadness and disappointment you are stuck, cannot possibly think of a solution other than diving into worlds of dreams. A dream walker is someone who is known for the gift to see what lies far beyond this universe; alternate universes that is. While in grief hating to wake up, and start the day when the sun rises like what most average humans do. Loving the darkness of the night, that comes with true feelings and emotions. It is when the lies are hidden, and where humans speak of only the truth. It is the time when you become honest to yourself; trying to fix the little pieces that have been shattered in the past, but it takes time depending on your personality, whether you like to overthink and try to understand why while trying to fix your life. Furthermore, there are who are focused more on fixing their lives, rather than understanding what, why, how they have become to the state that they are in.

All in all, there is still hope, you only have to believe and everything will fall into place. Keep on living.

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