It’s All About Perspective

A perspective of life that not all are aware of, preoccupied with the stress in their lives, trying to prove to their peers, family, or competition that they are capable. While some are lost in life, in sins and misdeeds they have fallen; thinking that they will feel happy, denying that they need guidance in order to rise again. Ignorant and depressed, the deadly combination that shall not only destroy their lives but the lives around them too.

Vulgar creatures, blinded from the truth, not that it is hard to comprehend or hard to search for, but to avoid the situation where they face the truth. Getting back to the perspective that was mentioned earlier, it is what I like to call it the perfect dream, for it only consists of happiness and hope. In order to have such a life, first of all, you have to know who you are, then accept it, and from their, you could shape out your life however you like. Acceptance is always the first step, by this I mean you must accept yourself. One more thing to keep in mind is that do not wait for others to accept because not only it will make you confused and empty, you will be a stranger t your own self; doubting every minute that passes by. Once you involve others in order to find acceptance, you live an unpleasant life, to the point where you are clueless and will be hard to find yourself between all that mess that you have created. Think of it as there will be a lot of you who are accepted by different people.

Therefore, you must come in peace with yourself, only from there, you will be able to see life differently; full of happiness and joy. Continue your journey on this earth, knowing who you are, and above all doing what you love. Acceptance has to come from you, and I am sure that the other creatures will adjust.

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