A Terrifying Game Called Life 

At dawn, when the sun is shimmering, softly that it takes away the tiredness and laziness from the creatures. Starting the day with a beautiful view and a cup of coffee, followed by a short run, that shall make you energised and ready to fight the obstacles that shall be presented to you once you set your foot out of your house.


Trying to focus on the final goal, while being busy, fighting the daily dilemmas, with the cruel creatures; fighting for the soul. Working hard and making progress, which shortens the distance of the final goal. Thinking of it as a mission, every time the sun rises, and the night targeting its darkness elsewhere. A set of tasks some of them are repeated daily while the other set have a specific date and time, all of these tasks must be followed in order. Rules that has been created precisely after witnessing the cruel creatures for decades: a spell that repels their negativity and cruelty.


Giving life a meaning again, for the soul has been retrieved. Working hard and enjoying the process, with hope. Patient as to what the future holds from obstacles and bliss.


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