Regret !

Nervousness, shivering, and unable to bear this pressure that is cycling around me, containing me in loops of sadness and confusion. Confused as to what I will be, and whether there is a chance for me to climb out of this one.
As everybody left, and the feeling of loneliness started to consume his heart, he began to write into his journal the events of what shall be, and forged his name with a force that showed great remorse of what he unleashed upon his soul. In tears he began to accumulate the memories, every single one of them, the good and the bad. In a pit he threw the memories that have wronged his soul, while the happy memories that he cherished, in his heart he stored them; to remind him of the good times that he had and how he was determined to win no matter how many times he failed, forging his path along the way.
Now that we made ameds, my soul and I, we shall never let any creature wrong us, no matter who this creature is. A red line, if crossed, great consequences shall be unleashed upon his heart and soul.
As he realised what he has done, and learned from his mistakes, he stated that he shall continue his journey on his path heading towards the final goal.

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