One’s Soul

Life is an adventure, so do not sign yourself up for a planned life, where everyone copies the past generation’s life; therefore, traveling in a paved path. If you put it simply they are basically copycats.

Experience life for who you are not for who they think you are. Wander, with your mind and body until you reach your soul. The soul that you have ignored, to please the others, the soul that you have forced to run away. Instead of trying to understand it and work with it, to witness the great aspects of life that you have never dreamed of, you simply pushed it away. A great vision of life shall prosper once you have found your soul and worked with it; therefore, your purpose will be visible and clear before your eyes. How many are there, living without their souls? Given roles, which does not fit who they are, forced and molded by the cruel environment that they lived in. Life to those who lost their souls by the cruelty of others is a boring routine of events repeating daily, until they have fallen deep into loath and misery, which will result in suicide, or in some rare cases they will tend to fix their mistakes by searching for their souls.

The soul is a mystery; some have claimed that it is who we are, while others said that it is another being inside of us, which makes us whole. The journey starts when you feel lost and confused, and with thoughts rising simultaneously, wearing your head and making you feel empty from the inside.

“There Is Still Hope”

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