The Apocalypse

All I can remember is that on a Monday evening a strange noise made the creatures go rogue upon us humans. The skies have fallen, the mountains crumbled into dust. Some of us have died at the moment where the sirens were first blown. A large number of humans have died leaving half of the humanity on earth witnessing events of great horror.

Creatures that were locked away between the two mountains that crossed paths have descended. Ignorant, yet powerful that they drank the entire lake. Cruelty, that I have witnessed over the years from my fellow humans was nothing compared to these barbaric creatures killing everyone on their way. A wave of death, as they traveled leaving behind pools of blood of whoever stood in their way. As we tried to fight them and end them, in which resulted only in increasing our chances of becoming extinct; we have decided to climb the mountain of truth, to be free from their cruelty. The skies have opened its doors, and started to whisper; taking the cruel creatures attention away from us. The cruel creatures took their bows and arrows and starting shooting at the sky, aiming so arrogantly at the skies that plague has been their reward for what they have done to the earth.

In an instant, they have all died simultaneously, as if of one soul. Now that the earth is filled with flesh and blood, disease have contaminated the earth, and so a group of huge birds has been sent towards us, scavengers to be exact; to clean the earth. While the birds ate the bodies that covered the earth, the skies with clouds of rain covered the entire globe, cleansing our souls and the earth from cruelty and filth. The siren blew for the second time in 12 years, and everything has been wiped out.

Into a new land we have been resurrected, smooth and different from earth, and every one of us humans was guided by two forms of light. Not knowing where we are, nor where they are guiding us to; filled us all with terror and the urge to not witness any more horrifying events, the cruel creatures have wished to have never been resurrected for their deeds are shameful and shall be rewarded only what they have worked for, except those who were pure at heart.

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