Held captive, knows nothing about the real world other than from what he reads from the newspapers that are provided to him daily, and the only people that he ever interacted with were the two wardens that were in charge of keeping him from experiencing life for his own. Decisions were made for him; they have slipped him from everything even his soul.


In a room feeling so dead whilst still breathing, fed newspapers daily with articles about war, deaths, and cruelty; An image of the entire human race resonated in his head, creating some sort of anger and loath. Confused whether it is a bliss for him to be held away from such cruel creatures by wardens who slipped him from his soul. Looking at the sunrays retreating from the holes that filled one side of the room, which he believed to be a window in the past.


The night has come, where for most people it is the time to rest and relax; however, for him it meant a stream of thoughts and visions running through his mind all at once, like a seizure leaving him weary for the rest of the night. At dawn he has been awakened from his slumber by the cruel prison guards whom were throwing cold water at him to make him feel refreshed they remarked. Feeling different, yet the anger and loath for his race grew even more, but he managed to lock it away. In a corner, he sat with his untamed mind battling one another for authority. An ongoing battle, he wondered how it shall end; nevertheless he is determined to never give up until he can control his mind.


Crumbling from the endless battles with his mind, feeling empty, unable to function anymore with this emptiness in him, he decided for himself for the first time, which broke the door and tore the walls apart; he smiled with determination to find his soul and purpose. The wardens in shock stood still, not expecting to be disobeyed by him, whom they were nurturing to fit into this cruel reality, sadly they never realized that what they have done, have made him realize that it is up to him to choose the path that he wants to follow or create.

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