Who Are They ? Monsters

Once upon a time, in a land far away from where beasts lived among the humans, and where the witches and demons are being burnt, a kid lost his soul. Trenched by the poisonous thoughts of his clan “humans”.

The kid grew up not knowing what is there for him on this earth, been manipulated by the society trying to mold his soul as what they thought best fitting for the child, not giving him a choice to be who he really is. After years of trying to mold his soul into something that he is not, he rebelled and decided to figure things out for himself.

On journey to cure his soul and find his purpose, the boy wandered the earth witnessing the actions of his clan upon the beasts and witches, which revealed before his eyes that the humans are the real monsters, burning witches without any sensible reason, burning them for something that they have no control over; born witch. Thinking that they are superior on this earth, they continue their misdeeds by invoking the beasts who are trying to hide and live peacefully among the humans and becoming furious when they fight back. A string of evil created by none other than us “humans”.

The kid struggled on his journey that is still ongoing, trying to find his lost soul that ran away the moment they tried to engrave their teaching upon him, the moment they tried to poison the child.

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