Weary !

I don’t know what has happened; it happened so fast. I have changed a lot; I’m no longer the guy you used to know me. Everything seems different, scared of them all, for now, I can see through their souls. The chains that restrained the darkness in me has torn apart unleashing every bit of pain, every bit of sadness that has troubled my soul.

Enduring such pain and misery can mess one’s soul big time; it can kill all the emotions in you. The smile I faked in the past has changed from hiding the pain to unleashing pain. Once I have started to notice what has happened to my poor soul I pulled myself away from the people I care about scared that I will cause them trouble, even if they were the ones who turned me into a cold, emotionless soul. Surrounded myself by the evil creatures, urging to unleash upon them the wrath of the pain and sadness that they have caused me, but in time they shall all witness before their eyes what pain is. The monstrous creatures cannot endure pain, for only those with a pure heart can withstand such thing.

Retracing my steps back to where it all began and all I could see is how humans are monsters. Not only they’ve caused pain to my soul, but they’re also trying to pull me into becoming a member of their cult of cruelty. I fled away, can’t trust anyone for they will only threaten my peace of mind. I shall be gone forever, and never come back to those who have tortured my soul with their ongoing misdeeds. Fading away into the void, for I must restrain the darkness with the chains of hope and faith, and lock it away in a place where it shall not find the light.

“Rest my weary soul, for the time shall come.”

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