For this soul everything has changed so fast, as it grew wiser, everyone started to manipulate and use it to satisfy their selfish needs, but when it came to helping the poor soul no one is to be found, a helping hand seemed to be far from reality.

Even though it knew the deeds that the monstrous creatures have piled upon their scripts, the soul without regret helped whenever and with whatever it can. However, this unfortunate soul instead of receiving love, gratitude, and respect, all it has ever got from them is pain from their words that pierce holes into the glowing white body of the soul, creating emptiness.

The soul distant itself from such cruel beings, and so their lives became unbearable as they have lost the one soul that could bear their cruelty. As the poor soul disappeared, the earth shed tears from its core until it has flooded the land, and the skies cried in grief that it poured rain upon the survivors with poison that has made their bodies turn into ashes.

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