No More !

The Journal

Chapter 666

I salvaged myself from the darkness thinking that there is something out there for me, trying to reach out to me, hoping that it will find its way to me. The darkness that I contained myself in, for the harsh, cruel creatures have stabbed me, so many times that I no longer can feel a thing, only anger that I have yet to unleash upon those who have wounded my soul. So cold that whenever they try to wreck what left of my soul, I try to ignore them and never respond. I am guilty of letting myself withstand their actions, for it has wounded my heart and filled it with sadness.


Disappointed with my actions, guilt running through my soul that I have let down so many times, for giving these creatures more chances to wound my soul. I am returning to you, Shadow. I am coming back to where you have left me, to where we have drifted apart. Alongside the high mountain where you have fallen apart, I shall build my bed beside your resting place, for I have missed you, and the world is not like what it used to be. Filled with loneliness and sadness, that is wrecking my wounded soul.

I cannot tolerate much more pain, or one more wound, for my weary soul has started to fall apart. Restless, since I have broken free from the darkness that has cured my heart and soul in the past, not that I am not ungrateful to what it has done for me but losing my partner and friend made me snap, and so I ran away from the darkness. I am finally returning home, apart from the cruelty of the so-called humans.

“There Is Still Hope”

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