A Shameful Century

The wanderer continued his journey through the path seeking the final goal when he stumbled upon a man who was betrayed and tortured by the cruelty of the creatures that have set aside their differences and joined forces to rule this dark age.

Tired from his long ongoing journey, the wanderer fell on the muddy dirt to his sleep. As the sun started to arise the wanderer couldn’t help but notice that the soil has turned into grass and flowers; however, as soon as the wanderer stood up and was about to move on, the green and flowers chanted while transforming into the man that he has seen before falling asleep.

The man pierced the wanderer’s heart with his arm, but surprisingly the Wanderer knew that the man was not trying to cause any harm, but instead he wanted to warn him about those who are waiting for him on the other side. The man’s angry words explained his past, shining the light upon those who instead of looking after humanities health, are looking for ways to ensure the flow of cash in their bank accounts, in disgust, the man faded into thin air.

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