Don’t Fall Into The Void !


Chapter 21

Driven by the flow of life around this dome, here mind functions only to provide or cure wounds by reckless acts. Creatures capable of giving humanity another chance, yet it is now gone for they have fallen deep into the void.

Knowing what I know about these creatures they have got to fight; merely battle the temptations that they have succumbed to, warning them about the future, but are unaware of the consequences that they leave behind. All of you should be careful around such creatures, for they will drag you into it; pull you to follow their misdeeds.

I have frequently been asked about the thing which keeps me from leaving this dome, and my answer was that in every corner there is something that intrigues me, something that helps me to realize that there is more to it than what it appears to be. A voice in my head calms my frightened soul, for what it has witnessed; the truth sometimes can create a whole new level of disturbance to the soul. Moving into my next destination where the two seas meet but never merge, one is salty and the other sweet; a new adventure shall begin with it obstacles shall rise, in which I must overcome to proceed towards the final goal.

“There Is Still Hope”

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