Oh Creatures Beware !

When everything falls apart, and the world continues to throw its obstacles at you, knowing that you have gone through a lot of pain, but it tries to unleash your potential. Not knowing when to stop, the overwhelming feeling you get when there is nothing to be done, a vast amount of hatred that will start to corrupt you, if not kill you.

The demons and the voices within myself are planning a revolution in my soul. The chains are getting weaker, I must not succumb to their desires, for it can be lethal not only to myself but also to the creatures whom I still love. Not bothered to let them know how much I love them, for they have decided to let me down several times, while I gave them a few chances to fix what they have destroyed; trust.

It is too much for my weary head to comprehend, and to endure much pain; it is killing me. Not that the journal is not capable of reducing the pain and enlighten the path once again, but whenever I embed their misdeeds and the pain that they have caused, it is as if I have lost a part of my soul. I shall endure it for now and see if I have the will to channel this massive pain into something that could benefit my body and soul.

Once again wandering not having a single clue of what these creatures are trying to show my soul neither have I got any clue of the purpose that I must fulfill. However, what I am sure of is that I must reach the final goal no matter how painful the journey is.

“There Is Still Hope”

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