Death Awaits….!

T.W.O.T.E – Writings From The Past

Chapter 10

Confused and depressed, wandering on earth searching for clues. Not sure whether it is my soul that I have lost in the days where I was a captive in my darkness or whether it is my purpose in life.

Not sure what I want nor what I need, as long as I am on this path. I have drifted away from the final goal, for the creatures around me are making me weak, I am devastated; therefore, I have not got much time, I must find what I have lost, to survive this chapter.

When you do not have something to live for, living seems pointless. I have depended on the ones whom I loved, but they tend to run away or disappear without a warning notice; attached to their evil souls, confused as to what lead them to leave me. I have learned from them that I must not trust anyone, for it will only cause more pain; therefore, staying away from the humans is the only way to survive.

After years of getting used to the idea of being alone, I cannot believe that they had tried to trick me into letting them into my life when I promised to stay away from the monstrous creatures. Sickness is running through my veins, contaminating my body and ripping apart my organs, tasting blood every time I open my mouth; I am fading.


“There Is Still Hope”

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