The Begginging Of The Dark Age 


Chapter 6 

When the truth is spoken, and the lies start to fade away, there is only room for one more thing which completes the package of any community; doubt.

In today’s modern world, where the scientists and researchers have come a long way with breakthroughs in education, medicine, nutrition, and in technology. Nowadays, you can do all sort of things with a single device, you can keep track of your  workout, check emails, in other words being productive as many marketing companies sell their smartphones, tablets, smart watches under the name of productivity. Furthermore, the most horrific thing is that everything on this corrupted earth is based upon business, and yes when I say everything I literally mean everything even hospitals/health centres.

Even though this is a huge misdeed in which humans have stumbled upon, yet I am not surprised for it is why I hid in the darkness for years detaining facts in order to clear the doubt in my heart. “Now now” , whispered the shadow to me, to ease the pain that is triggered by the humans all around the earth. I spoke with a weary voice ” pain is increasing and the darkness has been filled with all their misdeeds, to endure more I must unleash….”. Again whispered the shadow with confidence, “My friend you cannot simply grow without pain, you must learn to move on, and above all never quit” .

“There Is Still Hope”

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