Pacing back and forth, thinking about myself and why am I the one who must tolerate their actions, afraid to lose them even though they have already lost me. Tracing my steps back to the point where it has started and what I saw is something that I cannot forgive myself for.


As my soul started to fade, my true self no longer exists, I have exorcised my soul, as they manipulated me with their voices. Aware of what is happening but I chose to ignore the fact that I was being used by them cruel creatures. Thanks to all those whom I have trusted by decided to betray, thanks to those whom I loved but decided to take my soul for granted, thank you for the pain.


Nervous as I mark their names on the graves that I have placed in the darkness, and so it has been decided that I no longer can deal with your cruelty. I guided them to their graves with tears from the pain that they manifested in my heart. Farewell, I am never coming back, you all have been pulling me down, confusing me and above all you have ruined my path; therefore, I am moving on.


I am aware of your spells and tricks, but I chose to ignore your misdeeds for something that you creatures will never understand.


“There Is Still Hope”


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