Love, Webs and Spells

Here is a story about a girl that he loved so much that she was the only thing that he feared the most; feared losing her. He never knew that this girl that he loved would one day make him fall apart, a weakness that he never thought of having. 

Even though it was a bumpy road, confusing as her demands were questionable but even so he continued to follow her. Am afraid that he really fell for her, and never realised that he entrusted her with a valuable thing that is so powerful; however, if it was to be crushed it will poison his soul thereby disturbing his journey. As her spell clung to his heart, he no longer can control his emotions, as she is now in control of all. Pure hearted, he never thought that there will come a time where the one that he loved would destroy him. 

Friends, even though she knew how much he cared for her, yet he accepted the offer, for he is under her spell and he did not want to lose her. Suddenly she became so cruel that her honest opinion started to sound more like criticising and teasing. Done with this so called love, and ripped her webs from his heart, leaving his heart pierced, bleeding and taking shelter to recover from the pain and to reform from what he has caused to his soul. 

Characterising love as a reaper that tortures you before slipping away your soul, a sociopath that needs to be locked away, for it is the core of cruelty.

“There Is Still Hope”

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