T.W.O.T.E -Restless Mind !

What I want seems far from reachable; peace of mind never comes easy, with the mind that I have, for it is so loud and unstable. Thoughts flowing rapidly, making me mumble, a lot of them have labeled me with words, which is far from the truth. It is unsettling, if only they knew what lies within my heart and what I have been thinking for the past few years.

I have been shot by many and did not care once unless of course, their words have something in them which will help me be a better version of what I am right now. However, most of the time it is just lethal words that deprive the happiness of the soul of I, the one who entrusted them, humans, to support me and help me through my journey. Reality struck me late, for everytime they speak it gets worst. Am I to blame, for changing my plan, for entrusting them with my secrets, for believing that they can be given a second chance.

I recognized that young man who had a life no other humans could bear; isolated, away from everybody, alone on his path towards the goal, I could see myself in him. The young man filled with joy and happiness just by himself, memories start to flow back as the world turns upside down unraveling the truth that I was trying to hide; for the boy was me. Soon I lost focus again as the thoughts started to scramble my vision, putting me far away from the goal.

Mesmerizing thoughts yet I cannot get my hands on them, for the current seems too fast for my hand to grasp. Cheerful even though the odds are not in my favor. Cursed, yet trying to maintain a stable soul. Weakened, but still moving on. Dipped in melancholy, yet fighting to survive.

“There Is Still Hope”

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