Oh Mind, Can You Please Rest !

When the sunsets and the night crawl in, it is a phenomenal experience to those who have a mind that never rests. To some, it is the time to rest and relax, while for the few of us out there who cannot control the flow of their thoughts it means that the wicked yet magnificent process is about to start.


Closing our eyes trying to rest, but the thoughts keep us hanging, getting tired with every second that passes, while our brain fights the thoughts. Weary head unable to rest, thinking and planning, claiming that there is no time to waste, for the goal to be achieved a plan is required. A goal that we must change our plan frequently based on the fact that it reveals before us. Here we are deep inside our heads trying to figure out our next move, failing a couple of times but never quitting. Once again, we have tried to rest but it is all the same, without an answer we cannot possibly rest.


As the night slowly gets darker, the journal has been taken out from its resting place, looking for clues and to assure that everything will be okay. Flipping through the page as we remember the purpose of it all. Eyes fighting to get some sleep, while we resist for the purpose must be fulfilled, the purpose that we have battled the obstacles in order to find it, we cannot simply let go. Therefore, with the journal in our hands the final goal can be reached, a few more obstacle, nothing that we have not battled before or at least until we reach the next step. Closing our eyes once again, as the thoughts start to arise, and the mind to over think the situations; a sound from the heart whispering “To the thoughts that you all have gained from this journey, be gone; for the answers are all within their souls”. An assuring sound that brought peace of mind to our souls, gaining from it the ability to rest our weary heads.


“There Is Still Hope”

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