Thrive !

Weakness, sadness, and pain I left them all behind; as I smash through the obstacles that life presents before me, testing me, preparing me for the final goal. Thinking about the present and future, planning my every move; recording my life as I thrive.



The final goal awaits, overlooking the long way that I must walk; for I am halfway there. A vast number of steps for the final goal to be achieved; therefore, I shall continue down my path, motivating and challenging myself for the final goal. Although sometimes the loneliness and darkness strikes forcing me to succumb and quit, but I still move on and let the wounds heal, for my hope is far stronger and greater than their poison.


Do not let anyone interfere with your goals and dreams, for the only thing that holds you from accomplishing them is only your mind; therefore, do not listen to anybody, for they will only put you down and make you feel bad. Listen to the voice within you that comes from your heart, it shall guide you towards your goals.

“There Is Still Hope”

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