Change !

Away from the negativity and pain, through the fog, we all shall rise, with words of strength that will make us rise towards the goal we have always dreamed of; therefore, to them you must ignore and let go, for their purpose in life is only to make you suffer. Take the sun as an opportunity to shine, rise as the wind blows through your head whilst walking on your path seeking an adventure of a lifetime. Speak your mind without fear to the crowed, for your voice must be heard, as long as you believe in what you said and think that it will cause no harm to any soul around you.


We all have worked hard since day one without giving up so do not give up now; look at yourself and where you have come embrace yourself for the final goal awaits your arrival. In every situation whether it is sad or hard and you feel that you have become weak, search for hope because there is always hope you just have to believe. Say goodbye to the sadness, learn how to move on, and let go for it is the only way, to reach your goal safely. Leave the sadness for the weak, and from the pain gain strength and rise above the obstacles.


With a pure heart move on, in this earth and seek your goal whilst fulfilling your purpose. The journey of sadness is about to end, an era shall come where peace and harmony can be found; however the plan has not changed it will always stay the same until the purpose has been fulfilled.


“There Is Still Hope”



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