Break Down


Journal Entry 

September 26th 1596

They are pulling me down, trying to hide the truth from the humanity or at least what is left of it, since cruelty have spread all over the world and poisoned most of the souls.


Every time I move forward, I keep learning more about humans, and how far they have reached with their cruelty. It is devastating, how they have become, they have given up their souls to the devil, scheming as to who is going to rule the earth, poor creatures unable to foresee how the world shall end. Urging to leave but I must stay, for the final goal I must reach. Weakened as I unravelled the truth about those creatures whom are hiding under the name of humans.


Wandering the globe, searching for hope, on earth where cruelty possess the all, I have found the purpose in which I must seek and fulfil.

There Is Still Hope


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