It Is My Fault !

When the night crawls in and the memories rise upon those whom have lost in the battle, the pain has begun. Moving on is not an option until they have fully understand what has casued these events to escalate into a whirlpool in which they are trying to escape.
The pure souls have been slashed with darkness, for their hearts could not understand the deeds of those whom they loved. They have been caught in the cycle of misdeeds upon which they must reform. As they continue to roam the earth with sadness and with the seven deadly sins as their only solution, their darkness consumes not their souls but those who they care about.
Past, present, and future does not matter if moving on and letting go cannot be achieved; stuck in this cycle with their darkness, poisoned and unable to move on nor can I let go.
I am drowning, is it my fault that they have been consumed with sadness, or is it my fault that I take everything upon myself. Restless mind constantly thinking about anything and everything around me, a pain I must live with in order to find the purpose of life.

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