The Walk Of Guilt 

Through the darkness he walked, trying to confront his soul about the deeds that have caused him to suffer. Lost, and consumed by sadness that has poisoned his heart. He fought with his soul, in a battle that no one is capable of fighting, for it can be deadly if you lost.

In this battle to redeem himself, he channeled the pain and suffering creating an energy so powerful that it lights about the entire darkness. Astonished of the light and what it has revealed before him, filled with guilt as he walked away from the battle; therefore the end was fatal not for him but his soul.  Losing his soul in this battle have created a series of events where sadness and guilt far greater than he has ever endured followed him for the rest of his miserable life.

Suffering from the consequences of his actions, as he knew that there will always be hope for the righteous; so he decided to walk through his journey with pain, for it is the price that he must pay in order to live peacefully.

“There Is Still Hope”

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