The Masquerade

In a world of lies, hiding behind the masks of our choice, who am I ? A masquerade that tempted me to try a mask, and I chose to hold on to it, for I felt as though everyone around me has changed to the worst, deceiving and manipulating their way through life; therefor, I took the mask wherever I went, wore it on any occasion to help me understand its mystery.

Behind every mask there is a story in which some us are trying to run away from, you become addicted to wearing the mask for it is the only way that makes you safe from the past. If you want to take someone’s mask of, you must have the power to reach into you heart and soul, for only the righteous and the weak are capable of such thing. It was difficult to wear the mask while trying to maintain your true self, not only that but it will also be vulnerable to those who have nothing but evil in their hearts.

Who am I ? As I take off my mask and walk away from everyone to find my comfort on earth away from the lies. Who am I ? As I leave behind the stories of pain, the stories upon which one has lost everything even their soul.


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