Tampering With  Destiny 

The days pass by, knowing what I know about the future that is yet to be lived, keeping secrets from them, tricking the monsters so that I can survive in this beautiful earth, that was cruel not long ago, but everything has changed.

I no longer need to clutch upon my poor soul anymore, for I can now leave at an instance, leaving everything behind and moving on to the final goal, that is so dark and hurtful. The dreams have been saved, and the path is being restored. At last, everything is smiling, the ravens are disappearing, and the birds are flying again, filling the skies with peace and harmony. Still walking alone, keeping myself distant from the creatures (humans), walking towards the sun, healing my soul, and achieving the dream.
Breaking free from the darkness, that painted my life with sadness and depression for years, but how long will it be before it finds me again…

“There Is Still Hope”

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