A Life Of Misery (TWOTE)

This is a different post, a post build upon my true feelings and pain, I can no longer look at myself, without feeling disgusted, because when I succumbed to the darkness, I have made a promise that I shall never ever show my true colours to anyone, deceiving everyone around me with a fake smile upon my face, and constantly saying I am okay.

Since the day of moving in to my new environment (the darkness), I couldn’t feel anything but pain, convinced that it is the only way to survive upon this earth. At first I loved how I was so dark and secretive, and the only thing that they know about me is a name, that they must have forgotten since I disappeared. Looking at each one of them, with great anger, a stream of black rays revolving around my soul, trying to take over my body, I didn’t hesitate to leave the earth, for I have thought that it is the end that I have waited for. Thrown on the ground by a guy with red aura shining so bright that for a second I thought that it is emitting heat, lectured and tortured by him, and finally it combined with my soul.

Everyday is the same filled with sadness and depression, wandering around the country with a huge smile on my face, everyone kept their distance from me, as they thought that I was crazy and dangerous, laughing at the children when I see one, “never grow up” I shouted with a shivering voice. Deceived many with my act,  as it was the plan from the start,  trying to understand the humans and the world. Sometimes I feel as though everyone around me is a threat,and that I must leave A.S.A.P. After years of trying to make it out of the darkness, and come out to the world, and have a second chance with humans, I was disappointed as it lead me back deeper into the darkness, at that moment I have made my decision which was to stay away from the humans, chasing dreams and living my life away from the humans.

“There Is Still Hope”

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