Where Am I ?

Here I am writing yet another story about the lost and dazzled young man, who is yet to find the purpose that will enlighten his world with great joy. Uncertain of everything in life, as everything around him follows the rules of the past. Ignorant creatures follow these rules without realizing that they exist, embedded into their minds as the order or rather the law of the universe.


The same order of events they follow, and never question themselves about the path that they have followed. Ashamed of the humans who follow others, instead of creating their own path. This world has made me so confused that I no longer know who I truly am; in a society where everybody tries to implement their own teachings to one another, until some of us start to wonder and ask questions that no one knows the answer to. The ones who tend to obey have it really good, no questions asked, they just follow what others claim to be the right thing, whereas to us, we would like to understand the things which we are about to do.


When they have failed to support their claims our lives fall apart, and doubt will soon catch up on us, and wreck everything that was once sane to us. So on journey to understand we have taken off, determined to learn and experience life for ourselves, to conquer the doubt, and to reveal that everyone’s path is different but they all lead to the same thing; achieving goals. Therefore, to those who tend to shatter your dreams and tend to spread negativity in your life, only listen but do not believe everything that they are saying, for their comments and cruelty can be of a great use to you on your journey to reach the final goal.


“There Is Still Hope”

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