The Chronicles Of TWOTE

-DEMONS AND HUMANS: Even though they are two different creatures, yet sometimes they share the same characteristics.


Lost on this earth, unable to keep the promise, distracted by those who tend to play and destroy on earth. In a delusion, I have been stuck, caught by the chains of the devil, and tortured by witnessing the misconduct of humans on earth. Ever since I reached the certain age where I could understand what is going on around me, the wrong crowd tend to find themselves around me. I did not say a word to them other than greeting them. After that, I was quite as if I am not there at all, soon they could not see me; distracted by their deeds of immoral nature. I was watching them studying their nature.


At first, I found it to be amusing to watch them cause trouble and behave like animals but then I came to realize that they have taken their misconduct to a far new level. Witnessing what the humans have done while I was with them, watching. It haunted me for years feeling guilty for what they have caused on this earth, finally I have decided to lock myself, and I have ordered the chains to restrain me from the world. It was the only way to end the sequence of their misconduct, as I assumed that it was my fault that they have awakened their immoral behaviour; however, in different parts of the earth, the humans were still causing trouble, destroying everything in their way.


I hasten to assume that it was my fault, hence why I declared  myself to be the devil, for what I did was unforgivable, I can never forgive myself for what I did; I never tried to stop them but instead I watched them until they became pure evil. Therefore, I took it upon myself to gain knowledge and discover what lies hidden in this universe. I wandered the earth discovering and experiencing new things, hoping that one day I will understand life.


“There Is Still Hope”


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