The Majestic Tree Called Hope

In a world that is inhabited by the humans and other living creatures, why is it so hard to trust anyone? Over the years, some have decided to become alone, distancing themselves from the humans, for what they have experienced in the past scarred them; therefore, it haunts them. Those, whom have distanced themselves from the world, travel physically and mentally, trying to understand and comprehend everything that goes around them.


Exhausted and tired, from both their journeys. Beneath the tree of hope, they have decided to rest and regain their strengths in order to continue their journeys, hoping to reach clarity. The tree of hope is a special tree: it helps the individual to find the best temperature and weather for them, so that they can heal faster. Three hours has expired, it is time for the travellers to continue their journeys on this earth.


The traveller did not notice each other on this exhausting journey; it takes all the energy you have in order to proceed. Therefore, you cannot afford to be distracted; every energy that you have is required for this journey to be a success.

“There Is Still Hope”

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