.— — ..- .-. -. .- .-.. . -. – .-. -.– ..-. . -… .-. ..- .- .-. -.– ..— -. -.. — ..-. – …. . .–. .-. . … . -. – -.– . .- .-. ·-·-·-

Sleepless nights, tired of thinking about what lies ahead, beyond the present. In a journey to understand what really matters in life. As I walk upon this earth trying to comprehend what really cannot be comprehended, my soul travels through the emptiness of my heart seeking answers to help me reach clarity.

Creatures whom I have distanced myself from have gained my trust once again, yet in doubt I shall remain, for I have experienced a lot of betrayals, so I have learned that I must not expect anything from them creatures; it is the only way to survive. Clutching the ropes of hope firmly to survive in this darkness that is so drastic.

In a village that I took shelter in, I have come across humans whom are on a journey using only their souls, this type of journey is considered to be extremely dangerous, for it can cost your life if you get stuck in between reality and the realm where spirits and monsters walk the earth.

Resting my weary head to regain my strength; so that I can continue my journey. Looking at the stars as I try to sleep, for it fills me with hope and it makes me look forward to watching them again the next day, as it is the only thing that keeps me alive other than hope.

“There Is Still Hope”

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