The Lost Soul 

A story shall be told about the soul that has been lost. In a cage it has been held, for ages without being missed. It began when a young man filled with happiness reached a crossroad. The decision is difficult. Stressed out and began to fall apart, the young man stayed still for a week, still confused about the choice that he must take.
From his family and friends, he seeked help,  which they started to direct him towards their dreams that they have failed to reach. A mistake has been made, while seeking help, the young man could not think straight, for his head has been filled with the dreams and goals of the others. Then he walked the earth, trying to understand, and identify the flow upon which he has lost the soul. He started wandering, hoping that he would find his soul. Depression possessed the young man, crushing his heart. Feelings of sadness and pain caused the young man to gain fear of the creatures that roam the earth.
The young man could not find his soul, so he created his own path that he must walk in order to reach his final goal. A journey far away, beyond anyone’s reach, it is a journey to the conscience seeking answers about the soul that had been lost.

“There Is Still Hope”

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