The Truth Shall Arise 

This world is filled with mysteries, among which I am going to unravel. My mind that now I have no control over, the thoughts are rising, it is tiring, I can no longer rest, for it increases when I am trying to rest my weary head. 

I am back, I will no longer wait, for the dreams are starting to be fulfilled, it is me, who faced the monsters and the cruelty of the unknown creatures whom are hiding beneath the masks of humans. I shall turn off the lights of this world and shining it only on the truth. I shall open the door, for I have hidden myself from the world, but no more. Smoking until my lungs cannot function, and the air gets thinner, my blood is poisoned, my heart is empty, for I have witnessed what no one can endure.  The pain that travels through my veins, it leaves trails of misery and sorrow with its pain.

I thought that I am going to be safe, if I locked my self in a safe, it is a claim that I am not going to be alright, but towards the final goal I shall proceed to claim the prize for surviving in this reality of Cain. It is a world of misery and sorrow, you cannot find peace anywhere in this world but in your mind; however, it is too late for me now, I am leaving.

“There Is Still Hope”

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