A Tale Of Sadness

In the life of misery, total sadness and pain runs through your body like a stream of death killing everyone who dare to resist the destiny that is already been planned for, waiting for the right time to release myself from my misery. Everything is as planned, a series of acts will assure my arrival towards the final goal.


Hear me out, for I am a part of your soul, I never wanted to do what I have done, but its my destiny, to be a free soul, controlled by no one, but me. I never forgot my path, but I realized that I need to rest, my worn vessel started to collapse I needed hope, hence why I started to plan everything ahead, for I want to release my soul that is trapped in the volt of thoughts in my head. The chains are now weakened and it shall turn into dust in no time, I must find a way to release my soul into this world, in order to reach the final goal.


Hoping for a better tomorrow, in a world filled with sorrow, catching hope, with an enchanted rope, the end, cannot be mend, tears of sadness, clears the darkness…


“There Is Still Hope”








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