All Events Lead To The Same Result….

In the darkness, you will never be tired and depressed, you could only feel pain while being restrained; however when you are out there in reality, you will experience a lot of feeling, from which most of these feelings makes you sad and depressed.


If you are still in the darkness and you see a shiny, bright light, do not be tempted, it is a trap, do not proceed, the only thing you will get out of it is a lot of pain. The world has not changed; the creatures are becoming crueler, destroying earth, and creating conflicts, leading to war.


Life can be hard, even though you are trying every trick that you have in order to live and find a purpose in this meaningless world that we live in. I changed and tried to live on this earth happily, but the world has not changed, and all the events in life even though they are different, but they lead to the same result, PAIN.

“There Is Still Hope”

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