Cruel Creatures 1

Here is a sad story about how life really is to a kid who has chosen to care about and love two humans, but whatever he does to show them how he cares about them, they tend to become more arrogant and selfish.


Life became so dark, as the two cruel humans made him feel that his life is worthless without them. The kid became depressed, for he is the one who made them feel so special, but his intentions was good, he never thought that they turn out to be cruel and selfish. Whenever he talks to them, they tend to ignore him, and they try to boss him around, because they did not think about his feelings and whenever he defies them, they threaten him, bragging that they will leave him alone and destroy the bond that they once had, before they turned into heartless cruel creatures.


The kid choose to distant himself from the cruel creatures, and stay with his family that truly loves him. The kid never forgot the two cruel humans, for he loves the memories that he had with them before they turned into heartless monsters.

“Is There Any Hope ?”

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