It Is Not The End

All of these years of battling myself, trying to escape from the choices that ruined me, and that have wronged many whom were close to me at the time, hence why I prefer to stay alone and sad, even though I complain about how hard it feels and how painful it can be sometimes.


At last, I can see the light. I have been in the darkness for so long that the idea of a bright shiny light amuses me, giving me hope, a chance to start again. I have found the path that will lead me towards the final goal, the dream that I always wanted. I rose from the darkness, soaring above the mistakes that were made by the lost soul (I), gathering clues of what have went wrong and learning from the past, hoping for a better, positive future.


Finally gathered, what truly matters, life is like a wire sculpture that transitions from one thing to another depending on how you look at it or to be more precise from where you look at it. Depending on your perspective live in this world. A world that I thought was cruel, which was the truth at the time, from when I was lost.

“There Is Still Hope”

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