Lessons From The Past

The rain washed the pain away, and the days helped in forgetting the sadness. When the sun rises and the heart is filled with hope, and you are able to move on, this is the true strength.


An event so cruel that could ruin your life, if you were not strong. The sadness from such an unfortunate event will haunt you in your dreams until you lose hope, and then you will surrender to the darkness that will capture your soul and torture it. While being imprisoned by the darkness, your conscience will fade away, you will forget all the facial expression. You can break the chains and destroy the darkness, but only if you have the strength to let go, and move on.


So do not let the past hold you back from living your life, continue your journey on this earth. It is just a lesson, you have to learn from it and move on with your life, it is not a the end of the world, do not tend to overthink things, keep on living..

“There Is Still Hope”

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