It Is An Adventure.

Creating my path, moving towards the final goal, a promise that was made by my sad and lonely soul that I shall move on and never look back. Facing every obstacle that comes in my way, thinking only about my happiness, while helping and caring for the lost and the weak. Not trusting anyone along the way, I am traveling with my secrets, experiencing the nature that is not been touched nor harmed.


Do not expect anything from anyone, or else you will suffer miserably. I will not force anyone to love me. If you love me for who I am, I will be grateful and love you back, otherwise do not you dare cross my path, or you shall see the true darkness that I have endured over the years.


Determined to achieve my goals, battling through life to experience and learn new things, it is an adventure, an ongoing story about my life.

“There Is Still Hope”

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