Accumulating thoughts, about every event that has already happened and what is going to happen, stunned at how I am just stuck in the middle of the path, not being able to move ahead. Observing the past, and looking at where I am now, I have come a long way, facing the obstacles and trying as hard as I can to overcome anything that comes between us.

Thinking a lot, not being able to rest, I am paralyzed, overwhelmed by the thoughts that my mind generates rapidly. Trying to move on with my journey towards the final goal, but I cannot proceed, not in this state. I think it is because of someone that is trying to fix the past, trying to gain my trust again, after everything that they have caused to my heart and soul. Many chances I have given, but you all have decided to let me down.

From what I have experienced in life, the events that caused misery and sadness upon my soul, it is hard for me to trust anyone again. The thoughts are slowly decreasing allowing my brain to grasp everything. Wandering on the path, heading towards a new adventure, my journey continues on this earth.

“There Is Still Hope”


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