I Miss You

Days have passed, without any pain or misery. As I try to remember what the thing that I have missed is, and that is making me feel weird, I am lost yet again. Entered my mind seeking the stripe of memories, to find out that you are the only one in it. All the memories that I have shared with my friends and family have disappeared, replaced to be exact, by the only person that matters to me.


Although my heart has suffered from your actions, but for some reason it is still in love with you, my mind on the other hand lies and covers up the truth, so that I would not hate you. I moved on, and I have chosen my partner to accompany me through my journey, but there is always a place for you in my heart.


Driving away with the most beautiful, yet dangerous creature that I have ever known. It keeps my secrets and contains my story…

“There Is Still Hope”

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