History Of The Heart

In silence, we try to hide our pain, fabricating the reality that we are living in,  just so that we can survive. Moving on seems to be a simple task , but one must go through a series of phases in order move on, which are denial, anger, depression, and finally acceptance.Love is a spell, if it is done correctly it will be a gift, but if it is not it will be a curse.

A heart that I must put together daily, so fragile and weak. I never cared about any human other than you. You said dreams do not come true, while mine was to speak to you. Cruel creatures trying to awaken my hatred with their actions, but that is not going to happen, because I do not care anymore, besides I think hatred is a weakness.

Feeling vulnerable, I must retreat for I need to regain my energy so that I can move on with my journey, the journey of 596….

“There Is Still Hope”

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